Notes about VM Showback


Each and every VM should have BILLING_PERIOD defined in template. Possible values are:

  • PAYG - VM will be billed per second

  • PRE_<% n_days %> - Pre-Paid per N days, e.g. PRE_30, then full Capacity and Disk cost will be charged on deploy, and then every 30 days.


Starting from Version 1.0.1 IONe is able to give showback for Traffic basing on RX, TX data from monitoring.

In order to enable it, you should do following steps:

  1. Asure that your hypervisor does return and OpenNebula does collect traffic monitoring data as NETRX,NETTX values.

  2. Set non-zero TRAFFIC_COST in IONe Admin Panel

  3. Enable traffic-recorder script in /etc/one/ione.conf

  4. Reload ione with systemctl restart ione

After doing this, you should begin getting traffic showback. Traffic is being biller in 24h periods. Which means that you won't get bill immediately unless every step except step 2 has been already completed.

Costs units

Field Units
CPU Core / sec
RAM GB / sec
DRIVE GB / sec
IP Addr / month
Traffic GB / sec
Snapshot Snap / sec

How does this work? (PAYG)

Capacity (CPU & RAM)

IONe brings multiple VM state hooks and :records DB table in order to build complete timeline.

service/records/records.rb creates :records table as:

Field Type Description
:id Integer VM ID
:time Integer Timestamp
:state String VM State, either on, off or pnd

For example, as VM #100:

  1. created(enters state PENDING) on 1 Jan. 1970 at 01:00:00

  2. starts (enters state ACTIVE, RUNNING) minute after

  3. and stops(enters state POWEROFF) another minute after

then active-running hook would be invoked, which is executing script from hooks/record.rb with arguments pnd, on, off accordingly, so following records will be created:

{ id: 100, time: 0, state: 'pnd' }
{ id: 100, time: 60, state: 'on' }
{ id: 100, time: 120, state: 'off' }

Let's say CPU + RAM cost $1 per minute(60sec) in total

So if you request showback from 0 to 180, IONe will compile Timeline:

60sec => pnd
60sec => on
60sec => off

Which capacity biller understanding as

  • $0 for pnd state

  • $1 for on state

  • $0 for off state

Total: $1

Disk Biller

Snapshots Biller

Traffic Biller

How does this work? (Pre-Paid)